UNIX is a system invented by well-known hacker, Ken Thompson, in 1969. The computing 'C' computing language was invented by another hacker nexternal image unix_plate.jpgamed Dennis Richie to use with UNIX. 'C' was meant to be user friendly and much easier to work with. Because of this, the two men are often considered co-inventors of UNIX. They eventually received the National Medal of Technology from President Bill Clinton in 1999 for inventing the system. Since the use of computers was becoming very common at the time, it was difficult for users to keep up with the changing technology because once there was a technological breakthrough and another machine was invented their own computer became useless. There was no common ground between computers. Thompson and Richie did with UNIX was figured out that a whole operating system could be written in ā€˜Cā€™ and soon after that revelation, they had managed to implement the same system in many different types of computers. This was a major breakthrough and made dealing with changing technologies much easier for users because they could just alter their own machine instead of having to buy a new one. This is extremely important because it essentially became the first open system that could be changed by any user at anytime.
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