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We will use this page to update each other on our work, and as a way of giving feedback/comments on pages posted by others in the class. When commenting on pages created by other students, you should start the update with the students name. Always remember to include your name in parentheses at the end.

Monday (11/16)
  • Created "grading rubric" for the Hacker Knowledge Base assignment. Note emphasis on collaboration. To do well on this assignment, be sure that you engage with the content and ideas being posted by other students in the class. (Aaron)
  • Krystal: Enjoyed your posting on social engineering. It might be helpful to upload a related image (e.g. a picture of Granger or a screenshot of the article.) (Aaron)
  • Noticed that you have to save your changes for a photo caption to show up. At first I thought it wasn't working (Shep).
  • Crazy busy today! Going to try to add one unique page a day until I get all ten done. Need to figure out what I've already done though! (Ashley)
  • Funk1990, I really thought the Hacker Ethic page was a good way to start the Definitions...however, I would probably put it before the Jargon File link because it is most relevant to this class and to hackers in general! (Danielle)
  • Hey guys, if anyone could help me out, I am trying to figure out the font on the wiki. I usually type my paragraph in word and then paste it into the wiki but sometimes the wiki changes my font size and style. It looks a little messy compared to my other posts so if someone knows the answer to this that would be great! (Danielle)

Tuesday (11/17)
  • Haven't been on Wiki since we started this page in the computer lab. However, I updated Kevin Poulsen's page with more information and a picture (Emily).
  • Working on another page. I think probably I'll just add something to the glossary tonight. (Ashley)
  • Formatted Drew's social engineering link under the Definitions page. Can't figure out the font but tried to make it more cohesive and easier to read. (Danielle)
  • Began to search for places I would like to add to the wiki. Looked up definitions for hackers in various places and checked out a possible video to add from YouTube. Plan on adding them to the wiki this week (Katie).
  • Began to edit the layout of Krystal's Visual Timeline Page. Krystal: you may want to add the reference a the end of the page for safe source citing. (Danielle)

Wednesday (11/18)
  • Started a few new pages and looking for more to add to entries. Looking to create more entries tomorrow and add images to existing ones (Katie).

Thursday (11/19)
  • I tend to work on this project in bursts, two or three entries at a time. Not sure if I'll make one today, but you never know. (Shep)
  • Danielle: I think the font should be Arial pt 12. Going to post pictures to my entries soon. (Leila)

Friday (11/20)
  • Added images to all my wiki entries. Should we cite those too? (Leila)
  • need to add images. need to read through wiki and comment on others. Attempt to do one page a day has failed . . .(ashley)
  • me too ashley, me too (Francesca)

Sunday (11/22)
  • I edited pnkflyd687's entry on the Hacker Video page. May need to be formatted a bit more, but made a relevant link to the DefCon homepage! (Danielle)
  • Edited some of my pages. Have been looking around at other student's posts. Will be editing some of their formats next week since I have become a pro at that! (Danielle)
  • Edited my previous glossary entry, "Phreak," just added a picture. Also added a definition of hacker. (Morgan)
  • Also edited New York City Hackers page under videos. Added a picture and external links (Morgan)
  • Didn't get a chance to edit yet this weekend, working on my Second Life project, and thinking about my art project (Shep)
  • Also added page to Real Life People---Julia Child (Morgan)
  • I had a thought, should we maybe put lists in alphabetical order? (Morgan)

Monday (11/23)
  • Morgan, that is a great idea. I can start to do that soon. (Danielle)
  • Edited my TMRC glossary page and added a new glossary page (binary). Am thinking about adding a page to gadget hacking but can't seem to think of anything worthwhile to put into the wiki about that. Will probably be editing tomorrow but then heading to my grandparents and without a computer (possibly) for a couple days! (Danielle)
  • Morgan, great work with the information on Julia Child. Have started a page on Yes Men and have worked on creating pages on individuals we have read about or discussed in class. Do we need to cite class notes? (Katie)
  • Also, just found image of one of the Yes Men live on BBC from one of their notorious pranks. Took awhile to upload it, but it definitely added to the page. (Katie)
  • Publicly apologizing to Shep McAllister for stealing his wiki page, War Games. I am deeply sorry Shep, from the bottom of my heart. I forgot that if a page had a hyperlink to it but nothing on it, that it was claimed. Going to continue trying to add new pages with some level of consistency. (Ashley)
  • Updated the Hack This Zine page but was having trouble aligning the photo to the right of the page. When I would click the align right button nothing would happen and the picture would be placed right in the middle of the text. Any suggestions? (Kyle)

Thursday (11/27)
  • Re-arranged the glossary list so it is actually in alphabetical order. May start to re-arrange some of my pages in a few days but am trying to find some visual time line pictures (Danielle)
  • Just tried fixing Drew's Definition page. Cannot seem to make the font the same as most of the other entries. Trying to figure that out. (Danielle)

Saturday (11/28)
  • In all honesty, haven't thought too much about this over break. Will get back to it and finish up my pages in the next week I imagine (Shep)
  • I added several pages today. (Drew)
  • I also went in to my older posts and updated most if not all of them. (Drew)

Sunday (11/29)
  • Watched Taken on Thanksgiving and thought about the hacker aspects of it. Wrote a summary under the video section. Had a bit of difficulty attaching a picture. Anyone know how to wrap the text around the image or display the image on half of the page with the text next to it? Also, great job alphabetizing, Danielle! (Katie)
  • Hey Katie, I've been trying to figure out the text wrapping in the Wiki too but there is very little you can do with it when you include an image. It is definitely the most frustrating thing for me when making an entry because I want to spice up my pages a bit more, but text wrapping, I'm pretty sure, isn't possible. I've seen Taken, and I can absolutely see the hacker links to the movie! Good entry! (Danielle)
  • Anybody notice how all the dates were out of order on this page? That's really odd. Trying to fix that now. (Danielle)
  • Having a little problem, tried editing the Linux Operating System page for the Visual Timeline, but.because I edited the main page (1990s), the history of who CREATED the Linux page is not showing up. Tried to edit it to the best of my ability but do not know the key resource or reference portion for the Linux page because I am not the creator, so someone who has that info might want to add it so the page is complete! (Danielle)
  • Put the real world hackers in alphabetical order. Looks a little neater and is easier to read. (Danielle)
  • Found that the film and video section had been deleted, so I restored it all via the history tab. (Drew)
  • I also added more pages to overviews, zines, and gadgets. (Drew)

Monday (11/30)
  • Tried uploading an image with Chromium on Mac and couldn't get it to right align. Not sure anybody else uses Chromium, but you'll need to use Safari or (I assume) Firefox on a Mac to align images properly. (Shep)
  • Edited one of my visual timeline entries and added a new fictional hackers page. Also formatted a few things in other people's pages. Will probably be back on the wiki Wednesday or Thursday to do some final touch-ups. (Danielle)
  • Going to do two more pages on Linux and GNU, but I think I've done all of my pages. Now I need to add images to them and review other's pages. (Ashley)
  • Going to continue with alphabetizing. To make this easier, when you add something, put it in it's spot alphabetically! (Morgan)
  • Added a page in Hacker History (Morgan)
  • Added a page under Zines (Morgan)
  • Added a page to definition of "What is a hacker?" Used a class reading (Katie).
  • Added an image to my new page (Katie).
  • Added bullet points to disputed definitions of hackers list, and added a page (Morgan)
  • Added a page under podcasts (Morgan)
  • Nothing today, been busy! (Drew)

Tuesday (12/1)
  • Started working on a couple pages but ran into some roadblocks. I am going to consult our fearless leader Dr. Delwiche tomorrow then update the pages (Kyle)
  • RosieKate: I read over your page on the hacker zine you did, and I think it looks really good, but don't forget to make your hyperlinks to references something readable. If it is just the URL itself, it doesn't give much information about what the website will tell the user. (Ashley)
  • Started a page on UNIX, would somebody like to claim it? I did Linux and GNU, and just didn't think we should leave Unix out. I still need to add images to my page and comment on other pages. And work out citations and stuff like that. (Ashley)
  • Can't believe it is already December! (Drew)

Wednesday (12/2)
  • Just added a new page to the Individual Hackers section. (Danielle)
  • As Kyle mentioned in class, I am also having trouble with the placement of pictures on the Wiki pages. Perhaps I need to change from Chrome to Firefox? (Drew)
  • I also added more entries to the Wiki. (Drew)
  • AHHH apologizing to The Hacker Crackdown (book) entry person, I think I unlinnked your page on accident after trying to alphabetize the books...I will help you re-make a page if you need me to, I'm really sorry!! (Danielle)
  • Added images to my page yesterday and worked on finding new topics to make new pages and meet my requirements! Plan on adding new pages soon. (Katie)
  • Done with my 10! Also, I found the best way to do images was to get your cursor to the right of your title (if you made one on the page), so between the main heading and your paragraph. Right aligning from there looks great. (Shep)
  • Done with all my stuff as well as the extra credit. Woot. Will be willing to help anyone if you need more sources, I've got quite a few that I didn't end up using. Just holla (Drew)
  • Added "The Mythical Man Month" to books (Francesca)
  • I think I've finally got the hang of this. Added some stuff under Books, Guides, Groups, and Fictional Hackers. WOOOOO! (Kyle)
  • I added Tim Berners-Lee to people, and also added a picture to MAKE zine. (Francesca)
  • Also added a picture to Chaos Computer Club (Francesca)

Thursday (12/3)
  • Found a way to view the page I lost with Dr. Delwiche's help! The books section is back up and rolling! (Danielle)
  • Just putting the finishing touches on my pages. If anybody is running out of page ideas, maybe it would be a good idea to do some pages on the different computer languages that are popular? Such as Perl, C, C+/++, Java and maybe even older languages such as FORTRAN? (Ashley)
  • Drew: Really liked your page "what is social engineering", but do you think there is some way you could add in another paragraph just to break up the text a little bit? (Ashley)
  • Hitsuzen: Nice blue box page! The graphics are very helpful and well placed. (Ashley)
  • Cfelix22: I really like that you're using videos, but the layout of the page is kind of messy. Maybe play around with that a bit? (Ashley)
  • Danielle: On your page about Nick from What Women Want, I don't think your image linked successfully . . . (Ashley)
  • Added a link to the Film and Movie section. (Kyle)
  • About to add a new page and will look for possible topics that would go well with the wiki. (Katie)
  • Added Freenet to the Glossery (Francesca)
  • Added A link to Search and Destroy where you can download issues of the zine (Francesca)
  • Danielle: Liked your entry about Tupac! (Francesca)
  • That was a cool Tupac entry! Very creative! Finished a page on Disputed Aspects. Onto a new subject! (Katie)
  • Added hacktivism to the definitions list and Nelson Mandela to the people page. (Kyle)
  • Added a page under hacker overview guides. Had a lot of trouble with the image. The page ended up freezing and I had no choice but to try again. I thought I would have to start all over, but it turns out my draft was saved and I was able to pick up where I left off. If this happens to you, I hope you have the same luck! Just passing on the word. (Katie)
  • Just posted under Hacker Zines. Found an interesting website that touched on all available. (Katie)

Friday (12/4)
  • I think I've made all the necessary changes to my pages, but will likely continue to check and edit them obsessively (Ashley)
  • Shep, I really like how you included some additional pieces for your Bortherhood of Warez page. I have edited a few of my entries to fix some of the formatting issues I have had previously and am continuing to look through everyone's pages to see if I can help create some similar looking entries so everything looks neat! I'm a little OCD. (Danielle)
  • Added a page under overviews. (Kyle)
  • Danielle: Really liked your page on social engineering. Cute cartoon (Ashley)

Saturday (12/5)
  • Added The Italian Job to hacker movies (Francesca)

Sunday (12/6)
  • Added two pages, one book and one guide. I think I am done! I will continue going to different pages and cleaning..trying to make everything look the same. (Morgan)
  • Added two pages, one for Ocean's 11 and one for Alias. Looking for a podcast to add (Katie)
  • Added Ethical Hacker to Hacker definitions (Francesca)
  • Added The Dawn of Hacking to the visual timeline-1960's (Francesca)
  • Added two pages, one for an old film called Sneakers and another for "Art and Computers and You" under Hacker Guides (Emily).
  • Book's page editor: I went over all the links and took at the black slashes and cleaned it up a bit. Please tidy it if you see any other problems (Emily).
  • Also, I forgot to update everyone on my Ed Catmull page. I created it a few weeks ago (Emily).
  • Added a few pages - Tim Leary, Steven Levy, The Cuckoo's Egg, Hacker Culture... (Raj)
Monday (12/7)

  • Krystal, really liked your "From Phreaking to Hacking" page. There is a lot of relevant information. Looking to update the wiki later today, and finalizing my pages! (Danielle)
  • Almost done with my entries. I need one more I think--though perhaps I will do 4 or 5 more.(Franco)
  • Look at my latest entry on Gadgets named Hearing Voices? This is really interesting and you should all check it out (Franco).
  • Made many gramatical corrections throughout. I will continue doing so until Tuesday night. (Franco)
  • Please, whoever did the page entitled "hacking computer screen" try to include some information about the Konami code! that's the name of what you are talking about. I added an image to it which should make it more clear (Franco).
  • I have also posted a link on my Anagrams page for anyone who is interested in using an Anagram generator. Dr Delwiche mentioned this in class today (Franco).
  • I just added a new section to the Hacker History Timeline for the 2000s. I have included an entry on the iPhone as well. However, I am having troubles spacing everything. Whenever I save something it always seems to attach itself to the next hyperlink. Is there anyway to keep this from happening (Emily)?
  • Katie, I really enjoyed your "Alias" page, that was my favorite show a while back! Cool to think about it now in a hacker perspective (Emily).
  • Added a new definition for "Interpellation." Enjoy (Emily)!
  • Just wrote another entry on the groups section called National Socialism. It is very opinionated so it would be great if any of you share your own feelings about it !! (Franco)
  • On a more general note, i've noticed again and again that people begin sentences with however. I've corrected many of these, yet there is no way I can find them all. It is gramatically incorrect so you might want to change that in your entries(Franco).
  • Added an images for hackHull and history of hacking by St. Petersberg Times (Leila).
  • Added another page about Sydney Bristow from Alias. Also added a picture! (Katie)
  • Finished page for Adrian Lamo and added an entry for the Deceptive Duo (Holly)
  • Added a few links from my pages to other peoples pages(Krystal)
  • Also added images to all my documents(Krystal)
  • Does anyone know how to see each of the pages we've added like in the history or something? (Krystal)
  • Just right aligned a few pictures in some articles that were incorrectly formatted. (Shep)
  • Shep, I'm having trouble right-aligning my images. Would you be able to walk me through the steps you used to correct yours? (Holly)
  • Added a link to the podcast page. (Kyle)
  • Added a link to the Zines page and alphabetized the index. Also added a link to the Glossary page. (Ashley W)

Tuesday (12/8)
  • Franco, I liked your National Socialism page with your detailed description of Hitler. I added a picture of Hitler to it, please feel free to make any changes to it (Emily).
  • I've added a few more pages to Podcasts and Hacker definitions. I haven't written anything in them but I will after my last class (Emily)!
  • Katie--Loved your ocean's eleven page! Very extensive. (Morgan)
  • I added a link to the Hacker Definitions page and alphabetized the index. It's intersting to see that some pages have an index that is in order and some don't. No big deal but I think it looks better and is easier to use. I'll probably go back and fix all of the pages soon. (Ashley W)
  • Ashley- great work with your pages. Amazing job with the link to the glossary! (Katie)
  • Danielle- I am so impressed with how much you've done. Also, thank you for the feedback, Morgan and Emily! Emily- I absolutely love Alias- one of the best shows ever! And Morgan, you know how much I love Ocean's Eleven! It was fun to write on! Danielle, thank you for the feedback on Taken! (Katie)
  • Working to help Holly with the problems with the images. Can't seem to get them aligned. Any advice? (Katie)
  • Franco, thank you for the feedback on the Konami code. I had no idea! Love the image, btw. (Katie)
  • Wow, I'm a bit late to the party here, but everything looks awesome. I'm stuck at work for a while, so I'm going to be putting in stubs for a few articles. I've added one to the podcast list, and will have a few more coming shortly. I'll fill in the rest of the articles a bit later. 8 1/2 hours to midnight! (Patrick)
  • Patrick: You're sitting behind me at work. (Ender)
  • Added a link to the podcast page (Patrick)
  • Added a link to the real world hackers page (Patrick)
  • Katie - thanks for helping me align my images! You've seemed to hack the Editor box on this Wiki site!! (Holly)
  • I added a link to the Books page and the Films and Video page. I was really surprised no one had already done the movie Hackers! Maybe it's a little too obvious... (Ashley W)
  • Added a link to the fictional hackers page (Patrick)
  • Added a page to People Individuals. (Ender)
  • Added more content to the Phone Losers of America page (Ender)
  • Does anyone know how to edit the site content list? I tried to link "Glossary" to the actual list but could not edit it. (Ender)
  • Added a link to the zine page (Patrick)
  • Added a link to the disputed aspects page (Patrick)
  • Ender: There's that sense of humor again. Thanks. <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 (Patrick)
  • Added a link to the historical resource page (Patrick)
  • Added a link to the video and film page, as well as the definition page. I've got at least one stub in place for each category, and I'll be filling them out for the next few hours. I need a food break though. 6 1/2 hours to midnight! (Patrick)
  • I have had a headache all day (Raj)
  • I added a link to the Individuals page. (Ashley W)
  • Raj: I feel your pain. 5 1/2 hours to go!! '=== - - - - >( X_X )<- - - o (Patrick)
  • I finally got the link that I created to the actual list for the glossary to work! It took like four tries! (Ashley W)
  • Holly, I loved your joke! I was more than happy to help!! (Katie)
  • Added Penny from Inspector Gadget to Fictional Hackers (Francesca)
  • Added Prevent Social Engineering to Social Engineering (Francesca)
  • I added a link to the Resources page. (Ashley W)
  • I added a link to the Hacker guides - Overview page. (Ashley W)
  • Ashley W: Yes! And thank you, that was getting on my nerves.
  • Filled out a page on Urban Dictionary's attempt to define "hacker" (Patrick)
  • Fixed the spelling of the title of the book, it was ehical "ethical" (Krystal)
  • Hey everyone, I alphabetized ALL of the indexes so PLEASE if you add another link put it where it goes! Thanks! (Ashley W)
  • I made 'Timeline' on the navigation bar clickable - hopefully that helps some people. (Ashley W)
  • Went to the anagram site and got a screen shot of the examples that popped up for "Trinity Hackers" and added it as an image in the definition of anagram (Krystal)
  • Reformated all my wikis to make sure they followed the rubric design. (Kyle)
  • Forgot one thing - if anyone thinks the navigation bar should be changed, just click 'edit navigation' at the very bottom of the bar. You can edit it just like any other page, it just takes a lot of messing with to make it work. If other people tried it and it didn't work I don't really know what to say because I just tried what I thought was the same thing over and over again and it eventually worked... (Ashley W)
  • Krystal: I thought your page on anagrams was a brilliant idea! (Ashley)
  • Filled out a page on Hollywood representations of hackers, with an AWESOME youtube video mash up embeded (Patrick)
  • Raj: That was a very deep status update (Emily).
  • Finished a podcast entry (Emily).
  • Added page for the Eigenharp under Timeline. (Ender)
  • Added link from Hacker Culture article to Eric Raymond article (Krystal)
  • Added image of South America with all the countries (Krystal)
  • Added image to Management of Technology (Krystal)
  • Added an image from the movie "They Live" to the media hacker(Krystal)
  • Added image to The Rest vs The West under disputes(Krystal)
  • H2hack: I liked your Ratatouille article. Cool to think about hacking in the cooking world (Emily).
  • I added Thomas Gabriel from Live Free or Die Hard to the Fictional hackers page. (Ashley W)
  • Added page SSH to Glossary. (Ender) P.S. I admit this wiki project wasn't that bad of an idea.
  • Ender: The eigenharp is awesome. And this wiki is pretty cool, loathe though I am to admit it. (Patrick)
  • Added images and contents to a zine and a podcast page. (Patrick)
  • I added a whole new section on Hacker Media called "Blogs" however, I don't know how to make it show up on the table on the left side of the screen. Anyone know how to (Emily)?
  • Added an entry to the Blogs section (Emily).
  • Emily: I added Blog to the navigation bar, is that what you wanted? (Ender)
  • Ender - I wish you wouldn't have put up the Eigenharp page... I've spent the last twenty minutes or so looking it up and watching videos about it instead of finishing! That is so cool, I've never even heard of anything like it. (Ashley W)
  • Fixed some of Holly's images. Let people know if you need help! Some computers react differently to different demands! (Katie)
  • Holly, very cool Ratatouille page!!! (Katie)
  • Surprised to see that no one listed the Anarchist Cookbook. Added page Anarchist Cookbook to Books. (Ender)
  • Ender: Yes, thank you! (Emily)
  • Added a new post to the zine page (Emily).
  • Added pages for aimbots and wallhacks, my two favorite ways to cheat in online video games. (Patrick)
  • Finished up entry on Steven Levy's Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (Raj)
  • Added page for Sword Fish under Film. (Ender) Halle Berry is rather good in this one.
  • Added The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 to the Timeline page. (Ashley W)
  • I'm hungry (Raj)
  • Amended the Hacktivism page. Should I add a disputes page talking about how hacktivism may be used as a platform of justification for potential attacks? (Raj)
  • Bit of a stretch but I added instrumental rationality under the glossary terms. 24 minutes to spare and I think I've wiki'd enough. Thanks to all who have helped with my imaging problems! (Holly)
  • Raj: Deep. And to answer: "if you'd like, sir." (Patrick)
  • Added a page to film and video -- The Screen Savers -- an awesome and geeky TV show that deeply shaped me during my formative years. (Patrick)
  • Added page for book, did a bit of clean up. It's midnight, and I'm gone. (Patrick)