Kkismetscreenshot.pngismet is software that is capable of detecting wireless signals from both access points and clients. Unlike other such software, Kismet is able to do this without leaving a trace, making activities such as wardriving that much safer for modern day hackers. It is the best version of this software out there, and is a legitimate business. Although the ReadMe is very extensive and goes into detail about not only what wireless networks can be located, but also how Kismet can locate this position again using a GPS coordinate system. This image shows what Kismet looks like when it is first looking for wireless networks. Already you can see the vast number available, as well as the details retrieved about these networks that owners may believe are very secure.

Primary Resource:

Kismet ReadMe: http://www.kismetwireless.net/documentation.shtml

Other Resources

Picture retrieved from http://wirelessdefence.org/Contents/Images/kismet1.png